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Intern Testimonial: Kelly

By May 13, 2015April 21st, 20172 Comments

I’d like to thank the Firecracker Foundation for a great semester and what feels like an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I could not have asked for a better internship experience or a better team to work with. I really enjoyed being a member of the team of interns and given responsibilities that allowed me to develop both professionally and personally.

As the generous practice intern I was able to develop my writing, organizational, and communication skills. I worked on a variety of tasks with all different departments. My jobs ranged from contacting local yoga studios, to scheduling events, sending out emails, watching webinars, or creating agendas for the Teen Yoga Committee meetings. I’m walking away with new skills and experiences that will be valuable for any type of career in the future. This internship also opened my eyes to pursuing a career in a nonprofit sector. It profoundly increased my knowledge of nonprofit organizations and gave me an in-depth look of the day-to-day operations that goes into managing one. That being said, my internship with the Firecracker Foundation reassured me the importance of helping out your community. I loved that all the work I was doing was purposeful, I was able to see firsthand how the results of my work benefited people around me. I am now positive that I want to continue to work with an organization that allows me to have a positive effect on my community.

Working directly with the executive director was a really valuable experience for me. I’d like to personally thank Tashmica Torok, you are an amazing person. I’m delighted I was able to be a part of your organization and I appreciate all the time you took to share you expertise and knowledge with me. I’d admire the hard work and passion you put into your work, you have a rare ability to find simple solutions to complex problems. You are an inspiration to me, and I can’t thank you enough for everything.

My time with the Firecracker Foundation has prepared me for the next step of my future by developing my professional skills while helping a cause that is important to me. I highly recommend the experience to anyone interested in the mission and vision of the Firecracker Foundation or anyone interested in a career with nonprofits. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and will continue to advocate and support the Firecracker Foundation long into my future.

– Kelly Brown, Generous Practice Intern