You’re in the right place if you:

  1. Want to help prevent legal harm against trans and nonbinary youth, their families, all trans and nonbinary people, and all who support trans and nonbinary people.
  2. Want to learn more about trans and nonbinary people so you can prevent yourself and others from causing harm to trans and nonbinary people.
  3. Work with young people, in any way.

We created this toolkit because we understand that ending childhood sexual abuse is connected with Trans Liberation. In the Michigan State Government, there are Senators and Representatives who are risking the lives of trans youth and all trans people by:

  1. Using fear, misinformation, and lies to control the story about trans people.
  2. Trying to violate the human rights of trans people.
  3. Trying to take away trans folks’ access to life-affirming and lifesaving medical care.

Together we can defend trans youth against elected officials + abusers of power so that they can live healthy, hopeful lives in the future!
In this toolkit, you will find tools and resources that can be used to inform, educate, and advocate in defense of trans youth, their families, their healthcare providers, and all trans and nonbinary people.

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This toolkit is intended to help you do the following:

  1. Inform: Help you understand the laws introduced to Michigan’s legislature that are trying to legally attack trans and nonbinary kids, their families, all trans and nonbinary people, and all who support trans and nonbinary people.
  2. Educate: Debunk myths, and provide new or deeper perspectives to everyone who wants to understand and support trans and nonbinary youth and adults. You can then take this info with you and use it to defend trans and nonbinary people, especially trans and nonbinary youth, when you talk with people in your community. Your understanding can spread and create a positive impact.
  3. Advocate: Provide info to help with your civic engagement. In other words, this toolkit includes talking points and templates for communicating with legislators.

This toolkit defends every person — whether they’re trans or cis — who refuses and defies strict and oppressive gender rules.

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