At The Firecracker Foundation we believe that access is love.

As an organization, we intentionally work to cultivate spaces where all people can fully participate in programs, services, and events. Through our understanding of an expansive definition of accessibility, we also include LGBTQ people, trauma survivors, parents/caregivers, immigrants, youth, people of color, and other folx with marginalized identities into our access considerations. We believe that our access to you and your lived experience enriches our work to end child sexual abuse. 

Access Is Love aims to help build a world where accessibility is understood as an act of love.

— Disability Visibility Project founders Mia Mingus, Alice Wong, and Sandy Ho.


Our space: The Firecracker Foundation is wheelchair accessible, there is a single use gender-neutral bathroom, and a video phone on site for Deaf clients. There are accessible parking spaces and parking is free.

Offsite and Affiliated Events: The Firecracker Foundation will not partner to host events where access needs are not provided to participants. We will encourage partners to add access information to promotional materials and event information before we agree to boost the signal for their events.

Virtual gatherings: The Firecracker Foundation can provide LIVE captioning, sign language interpreters, and accessible digital materials for participants. We will encourage facilitators, featured speakers, panelists and participants to provide live image descriptions. We take extra security measures to prevent zoombombing, provide tech support, and early access to virtual spaces to test access and troubleshooting.

Transportation: The The Firecracker Foundation office is located close to major roads and highways, is close to a main bus route, and has ample, free parking. With advanced notices, rides to and from the office can be provided by volunteers and transportation costs reimbursed for clients.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga: The first tenet of yoga is Ahimsa or do no harm. Yoga sessions at The Firecracker Foundation are consent based in that all postures are offered and nothing is required. This allows your yoga to be what you needed it to be. Your yoga instructor can also offer alternative movements and support during sessions that are responsive to your individual needs. Depending on the level of support required for your full participation, a private class may be appropriate. You are welcome to come and see the space or call the office to share your access needs in advance of your scheduled class so we can provide additional accommodations if necessary.

Kid friendly: Your children are always welcome at The Firecracker Foundation. We believe that youth are the future of the movement to end sexual violence. It is critically important that we make every effort to make our office and events safe and accessible to all children and families by providing childcare. Our office is equipped with a changing table, entertainment and care supplies for youth of all ages. If you need childcare in order to participate in programs, please let us know and we will coordinate volunteer support for your family.

Loud Noises: The Firecracker Foundation is an intergenerational, animal friendly, open gathering space where multiple events may be happening at the same time. We invite our youth to take up space in ways that they are not allowed to in other environments. Sometimes that means they are invited to yell, laugh loudly, get hype to music, or make other celebratory or collective noise. If you need a more quiet space, let us know and we can accommodate your visit during off program hours (typically on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.).

Service animals: Service animals are always welcome at The Firecracker Foundation. If you are participating in yoga or other movement based practices, you are welcome to bring a support person to hold the animal’s leash while you participate. If you don’t bring a support person, we ask that the animal be trained to stay in place for safety reasons. At a moment’s notice, we can provide water bowls and comfy spots for service animals to rest. There are also plenty of grassy spaces outside for pets to go to the bathroom.

Dogs may be onsite when you visit but if you call ahead, we can make sure that dogs (or other animals) won’t be allowed in the spaces you need to access.

ASL Interpreters: ASL interpreters will be provided for all public events hosted by The Firecracker Foundation. If you need us to secure an interpreter so that you can participate in programs or access services, please let us know when you register (preferably 7-10 days in advance). If you are registering for a series, the interpreter will be provided for every session.

Reading: We provide large print, Braille, and plain language materials for the Soulfire Gala. We can provide these and other accommodations for trainings, events, or programs with advance notice. 

Disability Justice is a practice. We are learning and improving our organization’s accessibility as we go. If we fail to meet your access needs or if we knock it out of the park, we welcome your feedback. Send an email to 

Additional accommodations, beyond what is listed here, may be requested by contacting Be sure to include “Accommodations Request” in the subject line.