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By July 23, 2013April 21st, 20172,023 Comments

You have taken a leap of faith and I am so grateful.

There are 39 million survivors of child sexual abuse living in America today. There were more than 33,000 reports of confirmed child abuse in the state of Michigan in 2011. One in 100 children living in our home state are dealing with the devastating consequences of trauma.

You are not intimidated. You are motivated, hopeful and fierce in your advocacy.

Thank you for your compassion.

We are in the midst of forging a new path. I am confident that together we will help hundreds of children heal their whole being.

Your role will be championing children you may never meet. You will shelter their blossoming hearts, help them love their bodies and encourage their minds with your investments. You will educate your community and protect children that are yet to be born. You will give adult survivors the opportunity to use their voices and stories to further the mission.

You will give innocent children the opportunity to move from victim to survivor and that is a remarkable gift.

In solidarity,


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