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Scholarship Announcement

By October 7, 2016April 21st, 2017No Comments

We have an important announcement.

If you’ve been thinking about contracting with The Firecracker Foundation to provide high quality, holistic healing services to child survivors of sexual trauma and their families, we’ve been thinking about you too!

Thanks to funding provided by Just Beginnings Collaborative, we are happy to announce that we will be offering fully licensed mental health practitioners and certified yoga instructors scholarship funds to apply to trauma informed trainings like TF-CBT, EMDR, Trauma Sensitive Yoga Certification and other evidence based modalities.

The Firecracker Foundation is committed to improving the quality of care for child survivors of sexual trauma in the tricounty area. That commitment means that we are willing to invest in the skills of the healers who need professional development but don’t have the financial resources to move forward with obtaining training.

In order to qualify for scholarship funds, prospective therapists and yoga instructors must be fully vetted by the Program Development Committee of The Firecracker Foundation. To be considered, please email with the following attachments; resume, 3 references and completed background checks. Therapists operating a private practice or yoga instructors operating a yoga studio must provide proof of liability insurance coverage in the amount of $1M.

Priority will be given to service providers who have entered into a contractual agreement to provide high quality, consistent healing services for child survivors of sexual trauma. You can click here to view our current contracts.