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Celebrate community at the Big Bang-quet Challenge Reveal!

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The Big Bang-quet Challenge is all but over.

*big sigh*

You made it. 847 votes cast to help children heal from the consequences of sexual trauma.

You rocked it!

I hope you’ll meet me at the University Club of MSU tonight from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 per person and allow you to vote 2 more times. There will also be a delicious spread of appetizers and a cash bar. It’s time to celebrate.

If you voted for The Firecracker Foundation, come claim your “I VOTED” sticker. Wear purple – if you choose. You are the master of your own destiny and wardrobe choices. Be prepared for a photo opportunity filled with sparklers burning.

If you didn’t, come meet me anyway. I’ve been known to be friendly. Ask Ami from the Capital Area Women’s Lifestyle Magazine. She totally outed me as a hugger here.

I’ve also been known to love a good challenge. See relevant roller derby photo. I was born with a healthy competitive spirit. I was also born with an empathetic nature. I feel deeply for others and those feelings don’t end with the children of The Firecracker Foundation.

I hope that whether you voted for The Firecracker Foundation, one of the other amazing organizations included in the Big Bang-quet Challenge or not at all, you’ll join in the celebration hosted by the Capital Region Community Foundation, MSUFCU and the University Club of MSU.

I want you to celebrate that you live in a community rich with offerings for those in need of food, shelter, art, science, music, mentoring…anything.

I take my own children to Impression 5 because they LOVE it there. They brush fake teeth, launch balls across the room and manage the flow of water. Reach Studio Art Center will be hosting adult survivors of sexual trauma as they design┬át-shirts telling their stories of child sexual trauma for the Clothesline Project. The Women’s Center of Greater Lansing offers support groups that we often refer adults to who connect with us to find a resource for healing. Fenner Nature Center has provide my family and my colleagues with a beautiful place to meet amongst nature on their trails.

Yes. I love a good challenge. I love a competition but I also really, really love the organizations that serve the community you and I both love.

Come celebrate! Click here for more information and to RSVP on Facebook.

Wander around the room. Learn about the organizations serving this community. Pick up a brochure for that friend that has that need. Thank someone behind a table for the blood, sweat and tears they pour into building families, playgrounds or communities just because you can.

Because although during the competition, I’m all:







When it’s over, I’m more like:

Group hug





See you tonight. I’ll be the one holding the sparklers. As per usual.

Much love and many thanks,

Firecracker Sig



Tashmica ‘Firecracker’ Torok
Executive Director