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A Movement That Echoes

By February 6, 2015April 21st, 20171,283 Comments

“For such a loud culture, I find it interesting that people still speak about the vagina in whispers. It – and everything surrounding it – is reserved for rooms with closed doors and serious undertones as it would be “inappropriate” to have it discussed in public. Things like pubic hair and orgasms and masturbation and sexual violence have no place in daily conversation. When I first saw The Vagina Monologues as a freshman in college, I was one of those people who talked about lady parts like it was a scandal in the making. Then, the last thing I wanted people to think was that I was proud of my vagina and that I wanted to show it to the world – only certain kinds of women showed that kind of enthusiasm, and they were not taken very seriously.

But even though I had been conditioned to think about vaginas in this light, I had questions that needed answering. For some reason I could not explain, I felt a need to reclaim my body.

I went into my first V-Mons show feeling shy, scared and out of place. I left feeling educated, empowered and enlightened. I left feeling like I absolutely needed to be a part of this production that was full of women screaming about vaginas at the top of their voices. And it didn’t stop there: I wanted to talk to everyone about my vagina. I wanted to do everything I could to participate in creating awareness about pubic hair and orgasms and masturbation and, most importantly, sexual violence.

I am enamored with the enthusiasm and strength that radiates from the women who are a part of this production and the women who are advocates within the organization. This movement of women who are passing on the stories of every woman in this way is something that is greatly needed in this world. This movement of women is anything but a whisper. It is a message with vibrations so strong, it will leave an echo in your fingertips.”

– Abby Rudnicki

abby headshotAbby Rudnicki has been involved in the creative community since she started singing at 8 years old. She is a trained vocalist, a pianist and violinist by trade, and a professional at dabbling with a random assortment of other instruments. She has been heavily involved in theatrical productions throughout high school and college, trying on every hat from acting to stage managing to directing. She graduated from Michigan State University in 2013 with a degree in communication and a focus towards arts administration. She currently works for Eastern Michigan University’s Department of Music & Dance and the Commuity Music School of Ann Arbor. When Abby is not making tons of music or talking about music, she likes cooking, spinning poi, traveling and elephants.

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