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A survivor says thank you.

By January 6, 2015April 21st, 20173 Comments

Dear ones,

I fully intended to begin this year with a message of gratitude about your giving.

In 2014, you gave big and you responded beautifully.

You did.

The proof is in every minute of a wildly successful and inspirational year.

However, something came across my desk today that I think you need to see.

A letter. Unsolicited and filled with kind words.

Take a moment and read what you’ve done. Are you ready?

Dear Tashmica,

Thank you for all you do for others, but in this instance for what you did for me.

I attended Soulfire and found myself hit in the stomach as I read someone’s story…at the words “I believe you”.

I have long felt something happened to me as a young child, that I told someone, and that they did not believe me.

I have had incidents over the years where feelings have reared their ugly heads but I did not have a specific memory of the event(s?), so I did not feel worthy of bringing it up (also, a therapist once didn’t believe me).


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Your event was so very nurturing and I felt safe enough that emotions poured from me afterword. I scheduled an appointment with a different therapist…this time a great one. Maxine Thome (in case you need to refer adults) has helped me face my demon, though I may never know what it looked like. At this point, I no longer care.

Just knowing I have been trusted with my truth, that my experiences add up, that my siblings are now supportive, and that I have a solid resource if I were to need help along the way, has been freeing and healing.

I have been carrying this weight for probably close to 60 years. It’s never too late to get better, but it sure makes me want to help you reach these kids early.

I honor you and the work you are doing. Thank you for helping me on my path to wellness.



You need to know the impact you’re making in your community in real time. 

Thank you for creating a community where survivors of any age feel nurtured, supported and believed.

I promise to update you on your year end goals soon. For now, enjoy this goodness.


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*I called and over tea asked for permission to share this message with you. In an effort to help others, this individual obliged. I am grateful.