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Meet your Stargazing 2014 speaker!

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My name is Patrick Harris.

I am a servant. I am a solider. I am a survivor.

I spent my childhood in nomadic adventures between school days in Southfield, Michigan and enjoying weekends and summers in the cityscapes of Detroit. I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was very young. While other boys reveled in their wrestling action figures and video games, I preferred chalkboards and teacher edition textbooks.

I am now a senior at Michigan State University majoring in Elementary Education with specializations in Language Arts and TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language). I am dedicated to facilitating and participating in tough conversations about social justice issues that we experience collectively in our communities.

I spent two years leading discussions in the dorms at Michigan State University and now I get to bring these conversations to the radio as the co-host of my own radio show on IMPACT 89FM. Every Thursday I have the opportunity to engage in uncensored conversations about the issues that matter most.

Most recently, I joined Project Y.E.S as a member of an awesome task force of exemplary interns. This opportunity sends me across the country to facilitate games and discussions that teach leadership and life skills to kids whose parents are deployed.

While I may do many awesome things, life still happens.

I often struggle to communicate with people who aren’t aware of my bubble gum phobia and to climb a full flight of stairs without falling.

But seriously, I have been faced with challenges that have broken me. However, I’m a kick-butt human being with feelings that matter. I have a story to tell.  I refuse to stay silent.

The revolution of love can’t start itself. 

Join me in the celebration you made possible on Thursday, July 31st at Abrams Planetarium at 7:30 p.m.

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