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Pie Party with Crossroads Church

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I was preaching a series on biblical justice back in February,index-5 looking at God’s love and passion for the oppressed, the enslaved and the orphan.  Texts like Isaiah 1:11-17 and Amos 5:21-24 go as far as saying God hates our worship services, our songs and our church meetings if we are not also fighting against injustice.  Pretty powerful stuff!

At Crossroads, we do a big 5K run fundraiser every January to support the most vulnerable in Haiti and we do a lot with youth in two of Lansing’s inner city parks throughout the year.  I always tell our congregation that if God has placed something on their heart, we’d love to come alongside of them and help see it become a reality.  During the biblical justice series, one of our members who is a victim of childhood sexual abuse, came up to me and explained that they had an idea to do a fundraiser that went along with April being Child Abuse Awareness month.  This fit in perfectly with the sermon series we were doing and so we linked up with Firecracker Foundation.

One person, or one church, certainly can’t support every good cause out there, but there’s definitely something to be said for bringing some encouragement to people like those at the Firecracker Foundation who are doing great work in the lives of the most vulnerable.  What I liked about our fundraiser approach is that it didn’t require people to shell out huge quantities of money, which isn’t always realistic, but it did allow them to contribute something.  It also allowed us to become more aware of the great need facing children who have gone through sexual trauma and to see how we can become part of the solution, rather than perpetuating the problem by ignoring it. 


We are capping off our month of fundraising with a Pie Party at the downtown Lansing Grand Traverse Pie Co. where we’ll have free pie and coffee and a  chance for people to come and hang out, give additional donations and tape more Firecracker logos on our window, demonstrating to our city that as individuals and a community we care about abused children and are doing something about it. Everyone is invited to join us for this Pie Party; you don’t need an affiliation with Crossroads or the Firecracker Foundation.  We invite you to come out and have a good time supporting a great cause!

Noah Filipiak
Pastor, Crossroads Church – My Blog