It takes a village of volunteers to make The Firecracker Foundation happen, from those who share an hour of their time to help run an event, to those who show up to the office every month, every week, or even every day to offer the gift of their time. The Firecracker Foundation relies on artists, writers, researchers, therapists, attorneys, college students, and others to help fulfill the mission of the organization. 

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These are some of the roles that you could fill as an invaluable member of the foundation volunteer team.

General Volunteers

Special events may sparkle in the moonlight, but much of The Firecracker Foundation’s work happens at the office. If you have a little extra time to give during the work week or on the weekends, this may be the right role for you.

We are always grateful for support with everyday tasks:

  • Lysol wiping everything!
  • Swiffer yoga rooms
  • Vacuuming carpeting
  • Vacuuming up sand & wiping down toys in the kid’s therapy room
  • Washing doors & windows
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Organizing & cleaning yoga materials
  • Washing covers on yoga bolsters, cloths used for yoga mats at the nearby laundromat
  • Wiping down yoga mats
  • Cleaning the fish tank (the little fish is supposed to get a fresh tank every two weeks)
  • Cleaning up the garden (weeding, etc.)
  • Sometimes we need help with thank you letters and other mailings
  • Providing potluck-style meals for Sisters in Strength
  • Giving teen clients safe rides to and from appointments and gatherings.

Volunteer Projects are another way to get involved at TFF!

  • Planting the Garden out in Spring (Mid-Late May)
    Larger Organizing/Cleaning/Set-Up Projects
  • If your service organization, sorority, fraternity, or other collective is interested in setting up a group volunteer project contact our Volunteer & Training Coordinator Ash Rall at

Firecracker Childcare Collective

A childcare collective is a group formed to ensure that parents and caregivers have a voice in social justice movements. We believe that youth are the future of the movement to end sexual violence. It is critically important that we make every effort to make our office and events safe and accessible to all children and families by providing childcare.

At The Firecracker Foundation, you can join our staff in organizing a childcare collective to make sure that clients and community members can fully participate in all programs and events. We are also supporting community members in the creation of their own collectives by providing resources, tools, and background checks.

Community Ambassadors

Community Ambassadors are trained to go into the community and share information about foundation services, programs, and community resources. They also assist with satellite events and merchandise sales. These volunteers have played an important role in expanding our reach and building our relationships with partner organizations and community members.

Crisis Intervention Advocates

Due to an increased need for crisis support as a result of growing levels of awareness and organized response to issues related to sexual assault, The Firecracker Foundation dispatches our crisis intervention team to provide onsite crisis support to individuals impacted by sexual assault, including personal and secondary trauma. By placing trained crisis intervention volunteers on-site at local events, we can provide emotional support to individuals working towards eliminating sexual assault. Our crisis intervention volunteers are able to support triggered event participants, offer space to destress and provide referrals for ongoing support. These services have been provided for events at Michigan State University, hosted by the Capital Area Latinx Youth, East Lansing High School, and the Capital City Film Fest.

Title IX Advocates

The Firecracker Foundation Title IX Advocates work collaboratively with area schools and their Title IX Coordinators to protect and advocate for survivors of sexual violence and gender-based violence at K-12 schools across the state. Advocates assist students and families in filing Title IX complaints to the proper authorities, attend meetings with families at their schools and connect them to invaluable community resources and services to address the aftermath of sexual and gender-based violence. If warranted, advocates can also refer families for further legal assistance.

Title IX Advocates are required to:

  • commit a minimum of 10 hours per month
  • sign up for regular hotline shifts
  • attend periodic meetings
  • complete required forms and documentation

Thank you for your interest in volunteer opportunities with The Firecracker Foundation. We're currently not recruiting for volunteers positions. Please stay tuned -- as soon as we're recruiting volunteers again, we'll post here and on our social media channels.