Thanks to these supporters, and all who have contributed to make the work of the Firecracker Foundation possible.

$21,375 in annual pledges
$82,153 in public contributions
$23,600 in corporate contributions
$170,000 in grants
$6,600 from satellite events
$9,040 event income
355 donors
from 16 states
75 Firekeepers
11 First Responders

Supporter Tree


Since 2013:
Jennifer Briere
Molly Fillmore
Sara Metz
Kristen Thomas
Valerie Torrey

Since 2014:
Sarah Hillman
Rana Kardahji
Ryan Knott
Diane Mikkelson
Melissa Osborn
Danielle Whitaker

Since 2015:
Elizabeth Abdnour
Mary & Peter Graham
Kyle Holsinger-Johnson
Elizabeth Reust
Lydia Weiss

Since 2016:
Suellen Hozman
Melissa Kaplan
Amelia Marshall-Miller
Spencer Perrenoud

Since 2017:
Gregory Briggs
Michelle Brittain
Angela Brown
Navidad Cassaday
Reg Cirano
Michele Corey
Chelsea Fristoe
Joyce Heideman
Barbara Hranilovich
Eileen Lederle
Iris Rodgers
Angela Vasquez-Giroux

Since 2018:
Chelsea Affholter
Sarah & Cecilia Garcia-Linz
Racha Kardahji
Kendra Pyle
Kaitlin Wurtz & Micheal Prohaska
Katie See
Amanda Lick
Jennifer and Harold Whitney Pope
Xavier and Alicia Barajas
Lauren Whaley
Holly and Drew Filkins
Alexia Mansour
Jennifer and Lew Worthington

Since 2019:
Mark Cheathem and Debra Bennett
Dominic Cochran
Kimberly Cooper
Kelly Crosser
Claudio Rodgers
Megan Curtis
Char Panek
Tamar Shrikian
Amanda Thomashow
Gina Zerka
Joyce Heideman
Rebecca Robinson
Janelle Manolakoudis
Melanie Morrison
Apryl Pooley
Margaret Mae Helwig
Nancy DeJoy
Kerry Grann
Nancy Colflesh
Lauren Collier
Zack Whaley
Renee Swanson
Yvonne LeFave
Nathan Werner
Jan Liu
Christie Schichtel

New in 2020:
Lee Andrews Sayles
Veronica Greve
Tomiko Gumbleton


Since 2013:
Kimberly Jackson
Rachel Warner & Kevin Kowalk

Since 2017:
Valerie Lenz

Since 2019:
Tyler Dyke*
Kimberly Cotter
Beth Whaley
Luke and Chong Anna Canfora*

New in 2020:
Laurah Bajorek


*Supporters who made the generous leap from years of giving as Firekeepers to First Responders.