The Firecracker Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides holistic healing services to child survivors of sexual trauma under the age of 18 and their families in the tricounty area of Mid-Michigan.

Mental Health

Individual therapy sessions for children and teens, and caretaker support groups for parents and guardians.

Trauma-sensitive Yoga

Explore the extraordinary healing power of yoga with us. Private and group yoga classes to help children and teens heal and reconnect to their bodies.

Advocacy & Community Education

Advocacy for youth survivors and community education for individuals, schools, businesses, and allied organizations.

Childcare Collective

A resource for community-based childcare solutions during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Ending Over-Policing of Black Children

Take action with us to defund the police and remove them from our schools.

Take a Tour

Take a virtual tour of your healing space. The Firecracker Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides holistic healing services for children who have experienced sexual trauma. We hope this video helps you get to know us and feel comfortable in the space before you ever come through our doors. The Firecracker Foundation provides mental health therapy, trauma-sensitive yoga, advocacy and community education.

Why We're Here

In this emotional 7 minute mini-doc, Tashmica Torok explores the motivations behind opening “The Firecracker Foundation,” a non-profit that seeks to heal child survivors of sexual assault. You will walk away from her story feeling connected and moved to action.

Read more about Tashmica here.

We believe in the healing power of quality therapy
that is rooted in consistency, faithfulness and deep trust.

We believe that delving into the arts can provide a healing outlet that supports the work done in therapy.

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