When a child discloses sexual abuse, it can rock the entire family system.

Early intervention for the child survivor is important, but many families are unsure of how to support their child(ren), and ultimately how to move forward as a safe and healthy family unit. Parent support groups are being provided to offer psychoeducation and support to families who have experienced sexual abuse.  Licensed mental health therapists and master’s level interns oversee the program and lead the groups.

You cannot heal the child without supporting the caretaker.

Group leaders will work to create a safe space to share questions, concerns and ideas to support one another as they navigate moving their family forward after sexual abuse. Members who have experienced sexual abuse themselves, will be supported/guided in how their experience may impact how they support their own child(ren), however, content will be kept within a group context. Some group topics or comments may trigger member’s personal experiences. Some individuals may benefit from additional individual support and will be directed to appropriate resources.

For more information or to register for the next session, please call 517-742-7224 or send an email to info@thefirecrackerfoundation.org.  Click here to download a flyer.