Honoring the bravery of children who have survived sexual trauma by building a community invested in the healing of their whole being.

Vision Statement

We believe child survivors of sexual trauma have a right to heal and equally participate in a community that values their experience without stigma or judgment. We know this in our bones because we believe in the wisdom and resilience of survivors. The Firecracker Foundation will serve as the leader in our community by providing comprehensive services to child survivors and their families, and offer community education by creating a holistic, safe space for the community to support children, families, and advocates.



Joy | Possibility | Interconnectedness | Healing | Intersectionality | Transparency | Integrity | Grace



  • Community building 
  • Purpose-driven collaboration
  • Committed and open to learning and growth
  • Honoring the lived experience and wisdom of youth
  • Radical Visibility
  • Cultivating space for autonomous choice
  • Listening for transformation
  • Trauma-informed, survivor-led, and survivor-focused
  • Invested in the healing of their (community) whole being
  • Flexible and creative in seeking solutions
  • We tell each other the truth
  • We acknowledge and learn from the diversity of survivors experiences
  • Advocacy and activism
  • Don’t replicate the harm of CSA and/or sexual violence


In service of healing, we agree: 

  • To proactively manage my self-care and be an active participant in community care.
  • To accept and give feedback with grace.
  • To prioritize healthy relationships and explore repair.
  • To prioritize the mission of The Firecracker Foundation and the wisdom of young people and survivors while holding the truth that no one person’s input is more valuable than any others.
  • To accept my limitations.
  • To invest my time, attention and energy into building my community and healing.
  • To unapologetically ask for what I need.
  • That liberation is possible!