We are a healing community working to end child sexual abuse.

Vision Statement

We believe people heal better together
and that it takes more than cops, jails, and prisons to end child sexual abuse.

We know this in our bones because we come from people
and we are people who have been harmed by abuse, oppression, and violence.

The Firecracker Foundation will shift culture through healing justice practices that restore hope,
transform the consequences of intergenerational trauma, and build healthier futures.


Accountability | Joy | Possibility | Interconnectedness
Healing | Intersectionality | Transparency | Integrity | Grace


In service of healing, we agree: 

  • To invest our time, attention and energy into being an active participant in community care and healing.
  • To receive and give feedback with grace.
  • To practice discernment and listen for transformation.
  • To prioritize healthy relationships and explore repair.
  • To prioritize the values of The Firecracker Foundation. 
  • Honor the diversity, lived experiences and wisdom of survivors.
  • To cultivate a space where we can safely be present in our full humanity.
  • To honestly assess our capacity and unapologetically ask for what we need as a practice of mutual care.
  • To be flexible and creative in seeking solutions.
  • To not replicate the harm of CSA and/or sexual violence.
  • To be healing justice-centered, survivor-focused and liberation minded.

Community = a group who shares, invests in, and upholds common values.

| Revised July 2022 |