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Artist/Survivor: Samara Banks
Medium: Watercolor inks, India ink, Watercolor paper: 25 ½ x 13
Price: $300.00

Artist’s Statement: As an adolescent, my escape was my art. I’d draw fantastical creatures, monsters that mirrored the ones in my real life, and heroes. I’d create strong characters as I still do today. This is a reimagining of a phoenix illustration I created in my 20’s. It’s representative of how I felt when I was finally able to leave my abusive household and began the road to finding out who I was beyond my circumstances.

“Although it feels like you’re the only one who has ever experienced this, you are not alone. It’s sad that you’re not alone, but there are so many people who will support you and help to get you through this. Something that I have just recently adopted into my own life that has been extremely helpful is positivity and not just with daily things in life but within yourself as well. It truly is amazing how positive self-talk can change your whole outlook on life.” — Samara

More from the Artist: www.Mixedhues.com

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Dimensions 25 × 13 × 1 in