The Dirty Girl Comes Clean


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Artist: Maya Davis
Survivor Name: Tashmica Torok
Medium: Painting, 24 x 36
Price: $200.00

Artist’s Statement: This piece represents the journey a survivor goes through. Often, victims of sexual assault especially in childhood are looked at as broken, tarnished or in a way, imperfect and set aside from the rest of the people around them. With this piece, I wanted to show the journey, specifically of Tashmica Torok and how she has learned that she is not broken because of her past but she is embracing the fact that she went through traumatic events that have made her that strong woman that she is today.

The traditional Japanese art of Kintsugi gave a lot of influence to this piece and to Tashmica’s specific journey. Kintsugi is the art of filling in cracked pottery to embellish the imperfections and make the piece stronger and more valuable because of it. My piece has a rendition of Tashmica as both a child and as an adult woman. The bottom canvas, which pictures a child having a sad face and bleak color palette is looking up towards her future self who is looking back proud and strong surrounded by a halo of gold which all the cracks are connected to. Each canvas is the depiction of the same woman, same survivor, same story.

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Dimensions 24 × 36 × 1 in