Finding Balance


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Artist: Betty Gauthier
Medium: Acrylic deep texture paste, gels, glaze, mixed media on natural cotton gallery wrapped canvas, 40 x 16
Price: $200.00

Artist’s Statement: The immediate focus of this piece will be the rich abundance of pigment laid out in a mindfully designed mosaic pattern. From a distance, this work may appear uniform and concise. However, upon closer inspection, the carefully assembled tiles will reveal numerous words deeply relevant to my personal journey of continued healing as a survivor.

Designed to evoke emotion, my immediate hope is that this piece draws the viewer into my world and that it sparks continued dialogue over the use of the vocabulary chosen within its typography. Although beautiful to behold, the mosaic portrays both a harsh reality and transparency of this artist’s life and the effects that child sexual abuse/trauma have had on me as an individual.

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Dimensions 40 × 16 × 1 in