Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

Yoga has an extraordinary healing power.

It provides a sense of calm, and allows relief from one’s own thoughts. Yoga gives us the ability to connect with ourselves mentally and physically. It allows us the opportunity to let go of unwanted feelings, to live in a state of relaxation, and to learn how to extend these skills into everyday life. We are also able to provide yoga for deaf children and families.

To register your child or refer a client for trauma-sensitive yoga for teens, call (517) 742-7224 or email info@thefirecrackerfoundation.org. Only legal guardians and/or custodial power of attorneys can register participants.

Rising Phoenix

Trauma-sensitive Yoga for Teens
Ages 13-17
Sessions run for 15 weeks

Little Sparks

Trauma-sensitive Yoga for Kids
Ages 12 and under
Sessions run for 6 weeks

Full schedule provided upon registration. Sessions ongoing. 

Service providers and legal guardians can refer a child for yoga therapy services by calling 517-742-7224.


What children and teens can expect:

The first rule of yoga instruction, like medicine, should be “do no harm.” Yoga therapy and yoga for trauma survivors is driven by compassion.

Instructors agree to adhere to the following terms of etiquette:

* Respect body and space. Physical touch and adjustments will be limited to speaking and pointing. No touch without permission. Instructors will approach students from the front and not the rear. Massages and caressing touches are restricted.

* Sensitive poses. Some poses leave students extremely vulnerable and/or cause flashbacks. Instructors will refrain from happy baby, reclined bound angle and others that leave the pelvis open upward.

* Heat/darkness. Instructors will refrain from overly heated rooms and dark rooms. Heat and darkness can cause a sense of being trapped or panic.

Resources for teens who experience triggers during class will be available. Sessions are held at The Firecracker Foundation. If you are a partner organization that provides services to youth survivors of sexual violence and are interested in offering trauma-sensitive yoga at your location, please call 517-742-7224 to learn more today!