Sisters in Strength (SIS) is a healing-centered social justice education program for self-identified Black girls, 15-18 years old, who are survivors of gender-based violence to build their knowledge, experience, and capacity to address issues of gender equity and justice and learn to collaborate together in building communities of care and accountability. 

Under the development of TFF Co-Director and SIS Program Director Tara Scott-Miller, the SIS program design is grounded in Black Feminist critical theory, liberatory strategies and research-based frameworks, models, and methods that protect joy and hope in youth while equipping them with skills and resources to participate in the larger movement to end gender-based sexual violence.

SIS is a space of refuge where Black girls can be held in the spirit of sisterhood and receive therapeutic support to heal from the impacts of toxic stress arising from systemic inequities and childhood adversities (Love, 2019).

We center healing, learning, and growing around these Four Pillars:

  • Skillful Self-Understanding: Embodied Self-Awareness
  • Skillful Communication: Capacity to Think Critically, Creatively + Collaboratively
  • Skillful Connections: Healthy Relationship Practice
  • Skillful Actions: Accountability + Harm Reduction Practices

Learn more about joining Sisters in Strength (SIS), a healing-centered social justice education program for self-identified Black girls in the Lansing area

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The SIS Mutual Aid Fund supports the basic needs of Black Girls (Cis, Trans, and Nonbinary), ages 15-18, in the Lansing area. Click bellow to apply.

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Sisters in Strength is imagined in solidarity with Girls for Gender Equity, based in Brooklyn, New York. This program is possible through funding inspired by the ‘me too’ movement and provided by the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota Safety Fund. SIS is one of two pilot #MeTooTeen programs in the country.