Intern Testimonial: Miranda

Intern Testimonial: Miranda

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“I have served three and a half months with The Firecracker Foundation.  I have loved this foundation ever since I read the mission statement: “Honoring the bravery of children who have survived sexual trauma with a community invested in the healing of their whole being.”  Their whole being.  Not just one aspect of them, but all aspects.  What this organization does for survivors is so much more than just giving them free quality therapy, which in itself is a large and wonderful task.  Tashmica, along with her volunteers and interns, have an overarching goal to serve and honor survivors in every way possible.  Tashmica is not limited by one vision; her vision expands every day to include new events, ideas, and partnerships that The Firecracker Foundation can act on to further reach out to survivors and the community.

In my time working with The Firecracker Foundation, I have done grant research, communications work, and acted as a liaison between the foundation and other organizations and events.  Doing all of these different tasks have given me a better understanding of what the The Firecracker Foundation, and Tashmica, does for survivors.  Tashmica must be one of the busiest people I have met, but she still has time for herself, her family, and any survivor that is in need at any particular time.  Just in the short time I’ve been with the foundation, we’ve participated in and promoted The Vagina Monologues, Take Back the Night, Fashion for the Fire, and The Big Banquet Challenge.  Tashmica has been a model, an actress, and a guest on two different radio stations.  We’ve painted our goals, hopes, and dreams across all types of social media.  We’ve looked for new ways to fund our organization.  We’ve successfully continued old partnerships and created new ones. All in all, we’ve been pretty busy.

I couldn’t be more proud to work with Tashmica to further realize her vision for our community and survivors.  Happily, I will continue to work with Tashmica as her intern this fall.  Until then, I hope others will take it upon themselves to help The Firecracker Foundation while I’m away by volunteering or interning over the summer; if you can’t donate your time, make a monetary donation.  Share in the pleasure and sense of accomplishment that I’ve gotten through helping The Firecracker Foundation. “

Miranda Headshot  – Miranda Madro, Communication Intern, Winter 2015

Experiences from The Firecracker Foundation

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Alyssa HeadshotIn early October of 2014 the opportunity to be the Non-Profit Administrative Management Intern at the Firecracker Foundation, by some hook or crook, fell into my lap. Needless to say, I was ecstatic as I had heard about the organization from some buzz the community was rightfully giving it. In my first meeting with Tashmica, I specifically remember her saying “I need an Intern that will be able to kick my ass.” If anyone knew anything about Tashmica and her roller derby abilities, they would know that her request was in no way literally possible. But of course she meant this metaphorically.

What she needed in an intern would be someone who could come into the office, take the reigns, organize, and help to extract many of the day-to-day responsibilities of the organization. In my time with Firecracker, the organization was completely transparent in every facet of it’s operations. This transparency alone gave me a completely unique learning experience that I believe will be vital in my professional life.

As the semester progressed, I was granted more responsibility and if I’m being honest, there were many days that I found myself overwhelmed just looking at the amount of work flying in and out of Tashmica’s office. Although there always seemed to be an astounding amount to accomplish, the organization had formulated goals. To help out, Tashmica had me writing, working out of the database, helping out with volunteer days, and any other task that was most needed at the time. Overall however, the most valuable message I gained was how  all of this work, no matter how laborious it seemed, was absolutely worth it.

The Firecracker Foundation has a mission to honor the bravery of children who have survived sexual trauma with a community invested in the healing of their whole being. Tashmica, her board, and the ever supportive donors and volunteers have truly come to make this mission a reality and priority. All of the small tasks I worked on through my time at Firecracker were so much more than what I was assigned to do for the day, they were what needed to be done to help our strong survivors heal.

I am still ecstatic to be able to have worked with The Firecracker Foundation and would recommend it to anyone willing to get neck deep in non-profit work. The fiery and persistent diligence of this organization has made it a success, and a truly essential part of the community it serves.”

–  Alyssa Honeycutt, Non-profit Administrative Management Intern, Fall 2014

We are looking for Summer interns! Want to incite riots or generosity and help spread awareness about childhood sexual trauma? Join our team! Submit a resume, cover letter and an essay on a topic related to pediatric sexual trauma to Candidates are also required to submit a DHS Central Registry Clearance as well as proof that they are not included on either State or Federal Sex Offender registries. Internships start June 1st.